The Point

Everyday is fun and unique.
The challenges of a typical day, heartaches, frustrations, accomplishments and joys, are part of being alive, in all life forms. These feelings groove together throughout the day on different levels and issues, as a being strives to fulfill it's destiny. When we recognize that we share these feelings with all other living things, as humans, we become conscious of cause and effect and it is difficult with this knowledge to offend or violate other creatures( natural creations of  life forms). When our actions reflect total consciousness or enlightenment, it is impossible to knowingly offend another creature, unless it is for our own survival.
As humans we naturally do our best to provide for and protect our children, so long as we are conscious of what we are dealing with. This is where the basic skills of Mathematics, Science and Art come in. Is Language an Art, a Science or is it simply a complex Mathematical matter? Here's a good one," Is Love a Science, a Language or an Art?" When beings express love for each other, they multiply, so it's definitely  Math. The attributes of Love, affection, attention, admiration and adoration are proven  to heal, nurture and protect through the study of Psychology, so Love is a Science. Through the communicative aspect of expressing Love , which children need so much of, it is by all means a Language, even a Language Art, written in every culture  in many ways, most often expressed without words. If what you are saying is kind and true, then love can be expressed via words. Love does tend to get those inspiring juices flowing through our bodies, in bliss and passion causing us to create great beauty. Love itself is beautiful, Love is definitely an Art.